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The Obscure Muscle Freak JD Dawodu

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Find that Bodybuilding Video you’ve been looking for at Blu Rays, DVD’s & Digital Downloads. I’ve seen this bodybuilder before in some footage but like many with shorter torsos they tend to get a bubble gut easier. This is the best I’ve seen his midsection look & the guy is packed with muscle. Just thought I’d show a not so well known bodybuilder who has some impressive body parts.
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3 thoughts on “The Obscure Muscle Freak JD Dawodu

  1. Kc this dude is ripped, that’s what a bbr should look like great vid as usual, love ur channel u give great content, the other channels r copycats u give stuff that hasn’t been seen that’s y ur channel is so good luv to see it blow up, ps glad to see tax time coming to an end lol

    1. Thx for the encouragement! It’s been growing steady thx to people like you. I’ve got one more small business to finish up hopefully today but for sure by tomorrow.

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